A Time and a Place

We all have those songs that will transport us back to a certain time and place. A song that will let us escape from the now and relive an amazing moment you once had. Some of these moments may not be anything substantial, but for whatever reason they stick with you.

Every time I hear “Life During War Time” by the Talking Heads I feel like I’m back the front seat of my Dad’s 1988 Chevy Suburban heading to our local marina. I can’t remember how old I was, probably 7-9 ¬†years old, anytime I hear that song I can still smell that salt water air, the fresh fish, the diesel gas. I can see his face, I can feel the cloth of his worn SUV on the palms of my hands.

Summer 2006, I just got my license. I finally had a freedom that I only dreamed of. My CD book was packed with 100’s of mixes and burned CDS. I had a few favorite albums that summer, but Steve Miller’s Greatest hits was at the top of my list. Track #1, “Swingtown”, I had to listen to this song 1,000 times that Summer. When it comes on I feel that teenage freedom again. No direction, no place to go or to be, no responsibilities. Just good friends and good music. Honeysuckles filled the heavy summer air with refreshment.

Nothing compares to Bonnaroo in 2013. This was my first year at this magical festival, Sir Paul McCartney was headlining. I still get goosebumps when I think about his set. There were so many magical moments during his time on stage, from “Blackbird” to “Helter Skelter” he played though everything. About 2/3 of the way through he played “Hey Jude”. 100,000 people shared this moment with me; I’m sure most of them feel a similar way. The transition into the ultimate singalong (the Na Na Na na na na naaaaaa) and the three minutes that followed is my favorite musical memory. During those three minutes; love filled the air, a shared loved with 100,000 strangers. As we sang with Sir Paul, I had tears in my eyes and goosebumps on my arms. We were part of something special. If “Hey Jude” comes on the radio, which is does quite often, I go right back to that place with all those beautiful people.


I wish I could better explain how perfect this moment was. Here’s a link, the video doesn’t do it justice. The Na Na Nas start at 3:10





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