The Strumbellas – Hope

I first heard The Strumbellas around 9 months ago on Alt Nation. I heard  their breakthrough song “Spirits”  and fell in love with it almost instantly. I started sending to to friends (anytime I hear a new song I like I do this) “Spirits” has  a lot going for it, catchy chorus, killer hand claps and an upbeat rhythm.  A lot of their album follows this pattern. Think Lumineers, Mumford and Sons and Of Monsters and Men, this is a pop indie folk album and it is great driving music.

The energy is high on most tracks and you will find yourself singing multiple choruses throughout the day. The 11 tracks on Hope can start to blend into each other at points, they stand a lot strong on their own. You can tell this band is going to grow in popularity over the years, their sound is simple, it’s fun and it’s pure.

A lot of their lyrics don’t reflect the upbeat tone that the album has. “Spirits” is about facing your inner demons and about trying to become a better person. “We Don’t Know” is about finding a path in life, dealing with fears and feeling lost. That won’t prevent you from singing along. This is a fun album, even though some of it shouldn’t feel that way.

The first half of “Hope” is a more upbeat towards the 2nd half their songs start to slow it down a bit. “I Still Make Her Cry”  and “Wild Sun” slow the pace down and focus on lost love and heartache.

So lets get down to it, should you buy/download/steal this album? Yeah, it’s a fun album with a lot  personally I like their 2014 album, We Still Move on Dance Floors more than Hope. Either way it’s a good album with some very catchy songs. It can be a bit repetitive at times, but that repetition is enjoyable.

  • UNIQUENESS – 2.5/5
  • LYRICS – 3/5


Key Tracks – “We Don’t Know” “Spirits” “Shovels and Dirt” “Wild Sun”


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