Surprise Concerts From Amazing Musicians

My friends and I have had a group text going since Okeechobee Fest. It’s mostly filled with nonsense, as most group texts are. Last night was a bit different. Julia sent a link to SoFarSounds, I was a little confused at first but as I read on I got very excited.

“Founded in 2010 and based… all over the place. SoFar is an expanding network of artists and music lovers” SoFar is trying to bring some magic back to live music. They work with hundreds of artists, in hundreds of cities in dozens of countries and set up small, intimate surprise shows in random places.

You sign up for a concert date and you have no idea who it’s going to be. It can be some local soul singer or a modern rock icon who shows up to play for you and 25-150 other people. These musicians will play just about anywhere. From offices, to  roof tops, to back yards, coffee shops,  and more. You have no idea where in the city you will be going to for this show. You don’t know who will be preforming or what type of music they will be playing.  You may not even get a ticket, you have to apply  for your city on a specific date and hope you get chosen to attend.

It takes around 37 seconds to register, 15 seconds if you sign in through Facebook. From there you will set your home city (closes major city to you) and apply for some concert tickets. Oh by the way you choose how much to pay for your ticket. I love this idea so much, going in blind in hopes that you get hit by something beautiful.

SoFar has been graced by the talents of Karen-O, Leon Bridges, Bastille and many more.


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