Top 10 Road Trip Songs for Ultimate Freedom

         What’s more magical than a road trip? I’m not talking about going to visit your Uncle Bob 2 hours away, I’m talking about hitting the open road to go experience some awesome stuff. Maybe you’re on your way to a music festival, going hiking or heading to a city you’ve never been to before. Where ever you’re heading make sure you have  a great playlist to go with it.

         These songs are best experienced with the windows down and your volume knob turned all the way to 11. I suggest sticking an arm out the window and riding it over the wind, at the very least stare out the window and not at your phone. Never start a playlist before you’re on a highway, nothing can ruin a song more than a red light.

“Foreplay/Long Time” – Boston

   I  think this is the best kick off the road trip song. The beginning lets you get to a good cruising speed and make your car is ready for full rock mode. The drums in the beginning allow for some sweet air/steering wheel drumming. If you have parents/a radio/are alive you probably know this song so it makes for some great sing -a-longs.

“I’m Your Captain/Closer to My Home”

This is song can be played at anytime during a road trip, but I recommend playing it mid trip. Best enjoyed while gazing at an amazing landscape. It’s also a great morale booster, road trips can be exhausting that’s an important thing to have.

“Life is a Highway” Tom Cochrane

Ok so this isn’t the best song on the list, but you can’t deny how great that chorus is. Obviously listen to this song down a high way and great read to have it stuck in your head for the rest of time.

“Take it Easy” The Eagles

This whole list could be Eagles songs, but that would be kind of boring. The lyrics are about cruising around to clear the mind, the guitar is smooth and the drums are satisfying. Song best enjoyed with windows down, elbow out the window; like this.

“Sweet Home Alabama” Lynard Skynard

Probably in the top 3 sing along songs of all time. If this song doesn’t get your freedom juices flowing, you’re probably dead inside.

“Sedona” Houndmouth

If you don’t know this song/band you should. Their music is great to cruise to fun to sing along with. This song is best if you’re in the Midwest or the dessert, where the sky meets the ground and the only thing in between is the road.

“Take the Money and Run” Steve Miller Band

Ok, this song is about robbery and murder, but it’s also about traveling around and doing what you want to do. It’s about rebels breaking free and doing whavever they want.

“40 Day Dream” Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

This song is about falling in love and riding that cloud 9. Where everything is new and everything is beautiful. This is a foot stompin, dash board drummin, great road trip song.

Free Bird” Lynyrd Skynyrd

It’s “Freebird’.

“Long as I Can See the Light.’ CCR

Listen to this as the sun is setting, right before it falls behind that mountain range that you’ve been admiring for the past two hours. Keep the windows down and bob your head. There are two ways to sing along to this, you can lip sync it or give it all you’ve got. There is no in between.

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