Song of the Day – “Born to Roam” Pat Yeomans

I first heard Pat Yeomans at The Bug Jar in Rochester, NY. He is the banjo player of local band,  The Barry Brothers. While the Barry Brothers are creating new material Yeomans started to do some solo work.

His work on ‘Monsters’ has some of the same sounds that The Barry Brothers are known for; southern rock with an extra shot of whisky. Yeomans goes into it on “Seein Ghosts”, it’s a guitar and banjo driven bar anthem.

The songs kicks off with some guitar and reverb, as soon as the banjo starts you’re moving along with it. You will stomp your feet to this song, or at the very least tap them.

At times I wished he’d push himself more with his voice, like really let us have it. Yeomans is a talented singer, but for some parts of the song I think he should’ve tried to tear his vocal chords for us. I’ve seen him do it live and I want to hear it on his recorded tacks.

I strongly suggest taking a a look at his whole album, songs like “Born to Roam” are simple and powerful. He has a few acoustic tracks like this that let you see this a different side of this talented local musician.

Yeomans is now lead singer of “Pat Yeomans and the Flour City Suns”, if you’re a local to Rochester, NY i strongly suggest checking them out live.

Best suggested listening for “Seein Ghosts” – at a bar with your friends

Good drink for “Seein Ghosts” – the cheapest whiskey you can find



Lyrics – 3.7/5

Banjo/Guitar – 4.5/5

This Song Live – 5/5

Pat’s Mustache – .01/5




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