Top Five Songs to Listen to While Playing Pokémon Go

I hope most of us are on the same page with this, Pokémon Go is amazing. It’s everything my 4th grade self could’ve ever wanted and it’s bringing people together and outside at amazing rates. It literally made Nintendo’s overall value go up 10%, that’s insane, this is a movement, the one thing it’s lacking is a good soundtrack. There’s some good generic background sounds and such, but nothing that gives the game justice. This is a countdown of the top 5 songs you must listen to while playing Pokémon Go.




#5. “Eye of the Tiger” – Survivor

If this song can motivate Rocky to train harder and fight better, it can motivate you to catch your 45th Ratatat of the day. It can get you to wander further to find a rare one that will slightly impress all your fellow 27 year old friends.


#4. “500 Miles” The Proclaimers

Yesterday, I walked 4 miles trying to find a Pinsir. Over the weekend I walked a total of 15 miles. This song helped keep me moving and gave a great pop to my step while hunting.


#3 “Move Your Feet” Jr Sr

This is a fun easy going song that will keep your feet moving. Great beat, super catchy and with one of my favorite music videos ever. Listen to this song while playing Pokemon Go is almost cheating.


#2 “Raining Blood” Slayer

As you wander around your local mall stopping at various fountains and chinese food stands you may need to let some anger out. You were hoping to find a Mew, instead you got 7 Caterpies.  Lets face it, being a Pokemon master isn’t fucking easy. Rock out while flinging Pokeballs at anything that moves.


And finally our #1 song…………………………………….




#1 Pokémon Theme Song

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. I was searching around an inlet with my fiancé trying to stock up on water Pokémon. Wesaw this van packed with a group of people in their late 20’s, they shouted out “WE KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING!” then they started blasted this song. My nostalgia and inspiration levels have never been higher.

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