“I Was Born in the Wrong Generation” A Tragic Misconception of Modern Music

I’m sure you have all heard it before. That the music in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s was the best ever, and everything today sucks. Kids suck, their music sucks, EDM sucks; everything sucks. Yeah obviously The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Hendrix and all of the other legends that still live on today are all amazing. Here’s the thing, they don’t play the Fetty Waps of the 1970’s anymore because their music doesn’t survive the test of time.

This doesn’t mean that all music today is complete shit. You’ll hear people say “young kids don’t understand what real music is”. Listen, I get it, there’s some really shitty music out there.  There has always been shitty music, people need to get over it

We live at an amazing time for the discovery of new music. Between Spotify, Pandora, Youtube, Applemusic and Songkick no one should ever complain that there’s nothing good out there. If they say that, tell them they’re not looking hard enough.

Look at some of the chart topping bands that have come out in the past 15 years.  Florence and the Machine, Mumford and Sons, Kings of Leon, The Killers, Alabama Shakes, The White Stripes, Arcade Fire, The Black Keys, The Strokes, Kendrick Lamar, Run the Jewels, Twenty One Pilots, Adele, Amy Winehouse and love him or hate him Kanye West. These are just the big name guys.

Every generation will have music that will live on forever. The same way every generation will have weird songs that take over the world like “The Macerena”  and “Gangnam Style”.

What’s amazing about living in 2016 is you choose what music you hear. 40 years ago radio stations were the only way to hear new music besides grabbing a random/suggested album from the record store or going to a local bar.

Don’t just play the same songs on repeat that you’ve heard a million times. Go listen to something new. Go to your local venue, tune into a college radio station, do something different.There are thousands of new young artists trying to tell their story. Musicians trying to make you dance. Trying to make you cry. Some may just want you to sing along.




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