Unknown Artist Spotlight : Fero Lux

Their video for “Year of the Gnat” is one of my favorite music videos of the year. I recently had the opportunity to speak with the guys of Fero Lux, a local hardcore band. They have a strong energy driving them and I can see them doing big things in the future. I strongly suggest checking out some of their upcoming shows here in South Florida.

fero lux tour.png

Who are your band members and what are their roles?

  • Victor: Stone washed jeans
  • Dave: Used car auctioneer
  • Ben: FEED
  • Nick: Drums

Where is everyone from?

  • South Florida in and around. By the way victor does vocals.

What was the first CD you ever owned?

What is your desert island band? ( If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one musician’s discography, who would it be)

  • Vic: Glassjaw
  • David: The Dillinger Escape Plan
  • Ben: Matt Pryor
  • Nick ( Sean Mustache Combs) : Rush

Where did the band name come from?

  • I tripped on my hamster’s brand  new rollerblades and hit my head on the sink. So I drank a bat’s blood and spit in my dad’s eyes. He saw the letters that spelt ” Fero Lux”. P.S. glitter schmear

What is one thing that gets you more excited than anything else to see happen at one of your shows? 

  • When nothing breaks or fails and shit gets wild.

Love your video for “Year of the Gnat”, who came up with the idea?

  • Victor. His dog told him identity is a fluid concept. And Felt the lyrics were parallel with the video concept.

Dream Venue to Play and why?

  • We’d love to be the first band to perform in outer space. But we’d settle for Club Q circa 1998.

Dream Person to have in your crowd and why? 

  • Freddy Krueger,  all time bad ass “dream-person”.

Favorite Bar in South Florida?

  • Victor – Green Bar Kitchen.
  • David – PRL ( Fero Lux means bearer of light. We got it from my friend. ) is a great beer place.
  • Ben – Inkwell Pub
  • Nick – The Stamp

Thanks for having us!

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