Artist of the Day Spotlight – Con Brio

Okay, so I was just going through the lineup to Okeechobee Music Fest, trying to find some cool low tier bands to check out and I saw Con Brio. It’s not often that I am instantly taken away by a band like this, but holy shit. I got goose bumps, as soon as the lead singer, Ziek McCarter, let out the first lyrics I was taken to a world of funk, soul and jazz that I haven’t been in a long time.

From guitar to saxophone and every instrument in between, these are some insanely talented dudes.

As I type this up I am moving along in my seat making some dumb ass “solo faces”

They’re like a modern James Brown mixed with some London Souls and St. Paul and the Broken Bones . I’ve only listened to three songs so far, but they were so good I had to write about them right away.

“‘Free & Brave’ is in part a response to the Black Lives Matter movement, but it was also created to serve as a reminder — to myself and to whoever finds joy in that song — that there is a light there. We don’t have to get bogged down, we don’t have to feel helpless,” says McCarter. “We might not see it on a daily basis, but we are still ‘the land of the free and home of the brave’…I still take pride in that, in what pieces of joy and happiness we can create here with our actions.”

Keep an eye on these guys, they’re something special that doesn’t along very often.

I look forward to checking these guys out along with a bunch of other super talented artists at Okeechobee Music Fest in March this year.

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