Joe Goddard from Hot Chip Releases New Music Video for “Music is the Answer”

Goddard has been working on a solo album for some time. Today Hot Chip‘s Joe Goddard has unveiled the mesmeric new video for ‘Music Is The Answer’.

Off his upcoming solo album ‘Electric Lines’, Goddard follows up ‘Lose Your Love’ with the adventurous but infectious ‘Music Is The Answer’ – a whole new area of music for this artist

“I worked really hard on this record- so if its rubbish I guess I should quit and grow vegetables in preparation for the forthcoming zombie apocalypse,” Goddard told NME. “Personally I think its pretty good. The next single is called ‘Music Is The Answer’ which, without sounding like a rabid hippie priest, I pretty much believe. Fear and distrust of outsiders, which are rife in modern Britain, can be lessened through the development of a sense of community, which music really helps to create. The record is called ‘Electric Lines’ because it is meant to be a journey through all of the electronic music that I have loved over the years, woven together to form a funky tapestry.”

The video was directed by the the people responsible for the the legendary visuals behind Radiohead’s ‘Pyramid Song’, Beck’s ‘E-Pro’, Blur’s ‘Good Song’ and Queens of The Stone Age’s ‘Go With The Flow’.

“The message of this track really resonated with us coming off the back of what for most people was a dispiriting year,” said director Richard Kenworthy. “We’d recently been reading about the AWOL Hitomi satellite, and also the incredible Pinchas Gutter hologram and that lead to imagine a story about a satellite lost in the vastness of space, broadcasting a recorded message of hope.”

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