Mondo Cozmo – An Artist on the Rise

If you’ve been checking out festival lineups recently you may have noticed the name Mondo Cozmo scattered around the few bottom lines of some big name festivals. Bonnaroo, Firefly and Governors Ball just to name a few.

Mondo Cozmo hasn’t released a full album yet, but the buzz on the internet and on the radio is real, so is his talent.

Joshua Ostrander (Mondo Cozmo) is going to rise fast in 2017. The single “Shine” has a high replay value, the lyrics, the beat, the LCD Soundsystem esq structure, his Marlboro dry but soulful voice, powerful lyrics and unique haircut; all help Mondo Cozmo shine through and stand out among other new bands.

The video for “Hold Onto Me” stars Anna Farris “It was a labor of love between friends. My dear friend Anna Faris stars in the video, which is an understatement to her performance, which as you will see is absolutely breathtaking. This is easily one of the coolest things I have ever done and we are all super proud of it. Thanks to everyone who helped with this. Thanks to our inspiring special guests. And thanks to Facebook for getting behind our modest little video.”

Keep an eye on this guy and catch him at a small venue when you can. He is my predicted break out star of 2017.




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