Okeechobee Music Fest Announces PowWow

Okeechobee Music Festival just announced their PowWow for 2017. Boy oh boy is it funky. The PowWow is being lead by legendary musician Michael McDonald, if the name doesn’t ring a bell then chances are you are not a fan of classic rock. His career spans over 40 years and includes bands like The Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan.

While finally being able to see Michael McDonald live has got me excited, I’m most excited about seeing how Vulfpeck and Gallant will collaborate with each other. Mixing their talents together will be something that festival goers will talk about for years to come.

Then you toss Griz into the mix and you have an insanely unique, immensely talented group of musicians sharing the stage. That’s only the first two lines.

Jam god Eric Krasno of Lettuce, Antwaun Stanley, Members of Snarky Puppy plus who the hell else knows (special guests) makes this a can’t miss.

The PowWow starts before Bassnectar ends, so it maybe a tough choice for some on what to catch. For me it’s always the same thought; Bassnectar will play thousands of more shows in his lifetime, this PowWow will only happen once. 16806970_1037150916429350_3391498685881356799_n.jpg

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