5 Must See Bands At Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival

With Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival only 3 days away (4 if you got a 3 day pass) my hype levels are absurd. I am so ready to leave my soul crushing desk job for 4 amazing days and completely let go.

There’s more to Okeechobee Fest than just an awesome lineup, but we all know that’s one of the major draws to any music festival. With such a huge variety of music and amazing levels of talent from top to bottom, it maybe overwhelming trying to squeeze in every act.

Chances are you will miss some bands, you will have to make sacrifices, it will be difficult. There are some bands that you won’t miss no matter what the situation is.

These are my top 5 must see acts for Okeechobee Music Fest 2017.

1. The Lumineers

Easily my #1, one of my favorite bands out today. I’ve seen them three times, every performance has felt intimate. Great energy from the whole band, amazing singalongs; just an all around good time.

2. Rainbow Kitten Surprise 

While I was digging through the lineup I found saw the name Rainbow Kitten Surprise, I giggled and never bothered to pull up their music. After seeing a ton of people talk about them I decided to check them out. Holy shit. The energy, the lyrics, the melodies. These guys are unique, they’re young, they’re up and coming. DO NOT MISS THIS SET.

3. Pretty Lights Live Band

It’s Pretty Lights, with a live band.

4. Usher & The Roots

Do you like the Roots? Of course you do, they’re amazing. Do you like Usher? No? Well you’re a liar. His voice is absurd, you know at least 5 songs (even if you don’t think you do). These guys don’t get together often, when they do it’s something to behold. This will be an energy packed dance party. My guess is this will be the best set of the weekend.

5. Vulfpeck!

Saw these guys at Bonnaroo in 2016. Top three sets that year, right there with LCD Soundsystem and Father John Misty. You can tell these dudes love what they’re doing. Their energy is unmatched. Their sound is unique, I know that. If you’ve listened to some of their recorded stuff and your on the fence about checking them out, just trust me. You want to see them live.

Honorable Mention:

  • PowWow featuring just a whole bunch of talent. 
  • Bassnectar – I would’ve put him on the list, but this guy plays everywhere all year long.
  • Moon Taxi – Awesome band. Rumor has it they cover a lot of RATM, mix that with their original stuff and I’m there. 
  • The Floozies – Funk Dubstep jam music? Not sure how to classify these guys. Just check them out.
  • Snails – the closest thing to heavy metal at Okeechobee Fest 2017. Dirty EDM.

If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, shame on you. Buy them now. It sold out last year, it will this year.Don’t miss out on the biggest party in Florida.

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