Is Avril Lavigne Dead? Probably Not, BUT MAYBE!

Can you believe it’s been 15 years since the ground breaking, lyrical masterpiece “Complicated”  was released? Me too. I can’t lie, I had a huge 12 year old crush on Avril, but her music was never for me. This is all beside the point.  It’s possible that Avril Lavigne is dead (killed herself in 2003) and was replaced by her close friend and look alike.
Supposedly;y all this “Is Avril Lavigne dead” talk started when her music changed a bit from the poppy punk everyone loved, to more just pop.  Supposed when Avril’s grandfather died, she couldn’t handle it and killed herself. Avril being the money making machine she was for the music industry was too big of a loss, so instead of admitting her death they replaced her.
If Avril Lavigne is really dead, then who is Chad Kroger married to? It’s simple science guys.
Here’s a bunch of stuff from Twitter about Avril Lavigne being dead or maybe not being dead. 

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