Danielle Bregoli “Cash Me Outside Girl” Is Doing a Music Tour?

Yeah, so the Cash Me Outside Girl, Danielle Bregoli, is currently doing a US tour.  Danielle got famous after an appearance on the show Dr. Phil, that focused on troubled teens.  Youtube and the rest of the internet took her clips and made hundreds of remixes to her now infamous line”catch me outside, how about that” commonly translated to “Cash me outside howabodat”. Memes were made and she became a sensation overnight.

Now, she’s doing a tour ; something fairly unique for someone in her situation. She doesn’t play any instruments, she doesn’t sing and she’s not a DJ. She kinda raps though.

According to TMZ, her show is separated into 3 acts.

Act 1: She will lip-sync and rap to her favorite songs onstage. So it’s kinda like karaoke minus the alcohol fueled confidence.

Act 2: A live Q&A with an audience. She’s 14 years old, not sure what questions people may have for her, so that maybe interesting.

Act 3: Audience members are invited onstage “to joke around.”

It’s amazing who the internet chooses to make famous. Danielle Bregoli, has taken her fame and ran with it. She’s made A LOT OF MONEY

I give her a lot of credit for working with what she’s got, at 14 I smoked a lot of weed, played video games and served cheese steaks at a local racetrack for $6.25 an hour. I’m not mocking her for working with what she’s got, I’m mocking whoever is going to buy a ticket.




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