Suwannee Hulaween Sold Out! Announces Charitable Causes w/ Proceeds Donated to Hurricane Disaster Relief Victims!

Giving Back to Their Home State

  • Hulaween is officially sold out, to celebrate they just raised the bar on how awesome a music festival can be. No they didn’t just add a bunch of artists to the lineup, they are having a fundraiser and donating all the proceeds to those who were affected by the hurricanes that hit Florida and Puerto Rico.
  • This year, they are running a webcast of 3 x String Cheese Incident sets on the Saturday of the festival as a Pay Per View stream – with every dollar being donated to hurricane relief funds. Hulaween has the capacity to raise a lot of money for victims in their home state of Florida as well as Puerto Rico.
  • The Silver Wrapper crew (producers of Hula) were going to produce a sold out Pretty Lights festival called Island of Light in PR this December, but because of the destruction canceled it and turned their efforts towards raising money and awareness for victims.
  • Hulaween is also running a food drive for a local FL charity and a pre-party with all proceeds going to the same cause – so they are really giving a big push for good in line with their 5th and first sold out edition.

HLFL17_LiveStream_504 (1)

Less than a week before the fifth year anniversary of Suwannee Hulaween marks its first officially sold out edition, the team behind this iconic event has turned their attention and community towards those in need with the launch of a string of charitable causes and activation.

Hulaween, Silver Wrapper, Purple Hat, and The String Cheese Incident have aligned their resources to produce a charity-driven Pay Per View stream of SCI live from the festival. By donating to support hurricane victims in Puerto Rico and Florida, String Cheese fans can enjoy three sets of the scene-leading act from the sold out show streamed live to their couch on Saturday October 28th. The sets will include the band’s much anticipated night closing foray into the festival’s ‘Night of the Loving Dead’ theme with musical selections inspired by the feeling and principles of love.

Every dollar donated through the The String Cheese Incident live stream will be thoughtfully split between those in Hulaween’s host state of Florida who were affected by Hurricane Irma plus a fund started by Silver Wrapper for Puerto Rico following the necessary post-hurricane cancellation of their nearly sold-out Island of Light destination festival in partnership with Pretty Lights.

An Awesome Display of Lights From a Disco Ball During a Set by My Morning Jacket

The charitable energy will continue into Hulaween itself as the festival will team up with The Suwannee Music Foundation and Conscious Alliance to host their inaugural food drive in support of Love Inc Food Bank in Live Oak FL. The first 600 patrons to donate non-perishable, health oriented food items will receive a commemorative Suwannee Hulaween poster, created by talented artist Nic Bogdal.

To build additional financial support for rightfully of the moment causes and an equally important awareness amongst festival attendees, Hulaween will be hosting Pre-Party Hurricane Relief Fundraiser on Wednesday October 25th at SOSMP Music Hall of which all proceeds will directly benefit Love Inc of Live Oak, FL. The event will feature a run of live-acts fit to kick off the festival for those looking to arrive early and make a difference.

For five years this movement shaping event has offered its loyal followers a doorway into a visionary paradise, a channel into a reality defined by boundless surprises and exploration. Now, alongside their partners, Hulaween calls upon their community to use the values and ethos fostered at the event to make a positive impact on the world around them.

Click Here for More Info On Hulaween

For More Information and to Pre-Order Pay Per View Webcast of SCI Live from Hulaween Visit:

To Donate to the Hurricane Irma Relief Fund Visit:

To Donate to Island of Light for Puerto Rico Visit:

To Stream Direct from Nugs.TV Visit:

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