The Rise of Hobo Johnson

Vagabonds and Video Games

I saw this video while aimlessly scrolling through Facebook over the weekend and was instantly blown away. I tried to find out more, but there wasn’t much online about this rap/hip-hop group. Classic hip-hop, heartbreak, slam poetry, video games, folk music, a thrift shop and that springtime suburban smell are tossed in a blender to create something like we’ve never heard before. A breath of fresh air is inhaled and the memory of that honeysuckle air sticks with you.

Their debut album, The Rise of Hobo Johnson, is a must listen for anyone and everyone. This is new, this is refreshing, this is the music that should define a generation. I hope these guys blow up, they deserve all the success they should hopefully gain over the next few years.

Who are you Hobo Johnson? Where did you come from? Can we be friends?

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