Suwannee Hulaween Sold Out! Announces Charitable Causes w/ Proceeds Donated to Hurricane Disaster Relief Victims!

Giving Back to Their Home State

  • Hulaween is officially sold out, to celebrate they just raised the bar on how awesome a music festival can be. No they didn’t just add a bunch of artists to the lineup, they are having a fundraiser and donating all the proceeds to those who were affected by the hurricanes that hit Florida and Puerto Rico.
  • This year, they are running a webcast of 3 x String Cheese Incident sets on the Saturday of the festival as a Pay Per View stream – with every dollar being donated to hurricane relief funds. Hulaween has the capacity to raise a lot of money for victims in their home state of Florida as well as Puerto Rico.
  • The Silver Wrapper crew (producers of Hula) were going to produce a sold out Pretty Lights festival called Island of Light in PR this December, but because of the destruction canceled it and turned their efforts towards raising money and awareness for victims.
  • Hulaween is also running a food drive for a local FL charity and a pre-party with all proceeds going to the same cause – so they are really giving a big push for good in line with their 5th and first sold out edition.

HLFL17_LiveStream_504 (1)

Less than a week before the fifth year anniversary of Suwannee Hulaween marks its first officially sold out edition, the team behind this iconic event has turned their attention and community towards those in need with the launch of a string of charitable causes and activation.

Hulaween, Silver Wrapper, Purple Hat, and The String Cheese Incident have aligned their resources to produce a charity-driven Pay Per View stream of SCI live from the festival. By donating to support hurricane victims in Puerto Rico and Florida, String Cheese fans can enjoy three sets of the scene-leading act from the sold out show streamed live to their couch on Saturday October 28th. The sets will include the band’s much anticipated night closing foray into the festival’s ‘Night of the Loving Dead’ theme with musical selections inspired by the feeling and principles of love.

Every dollar donated through the The String Cheese Incident live stream will be thoughtfully split between those in Hulaween’s host state of Florida who were affected by Hurricane Irma plus a fund started by Silver Wrapper for Puerto Rico following the necessary post-hurricane cancellation of their nearly sold-out Island of Light destination festival in partnership with Pretty Lights.

An Awesome Display of Lights From a Disco Ball During a Set by My Morning Jacket

The charitable energy will continue into Hulaween itself as the festival will team up with The Suwannee Music Foundation and Conscious Alliance to host their inaugural food drive in support of Love Inc Food Bank in Live Oak FL. The first 600 patrons to donate non-perishable, health oriented food items will receive a commemorative Suwannee Hulaween poster, created by talented artist Nic Bogdal.

To build additional financial support for rightfully of the moment causes and an equally important awareness amongst festival attendees, Hulaween will be hosting Pre-Party Hurricane Relief Fundraiser on Wednesday October 25th at SOSMP Music Hall of which all proceeds will directly benefit Love Inc of Live Oak, FL. The event will feature a run of live-acts fit to kick off the festival for those looking to arrive early and make a difference.

For five years this movement shaping event has offered its loyal followers a doorway into a visionary paradise, a channel into a reality defined by boundless surprises and exploration. Now, alongside their partners, Hulaween calls upon their community to use the values and ethos fostered at the event to make a positive impact on the world around them.

Click Here for More Info On Hulaween

For More Information and to Pre-Order Pay Per View Webcast of SCI Live from Hulaween Visit:

To Donate to the Hurricane Irma Relief Fund Visit:

To Donate to Island of Light for Puerto Rico Visit:

To Stream Direct from Nugs.TV Visit:

sold out

Going to a Music Festival Sober – Hulaween 2017

A music festival usually isn’t the first thing to come to mind when someone is talking about being sober or in recovery; rightfully so. Drugs are pretty damn common at most music festivals; mollyecstasymushroomsacid and weed are the most prevalent. Beers are being cracked and wine bags are being slapped as often as high fives. Does anyone go to a music festival like Hulaween sober? If so how do they do it?

This will be my first year at Hulaween and I am choosing to go to this festival totally clean and sober. No beer, no weed, no nothing. I’m no stranger to music festivals, I’ve been to dozens, this will be my first time going without any mood or mind altering substances. I have a lot of friends who are recovering addicts and alcoholics who I have gone to multiple festivals with, so I want to experience this festival the way they do.

The Sober People At Music Festivals

I’m hoping to have the opportunity and the privilege to sit down with those who do Hulaween sober. Some of these people are recovering drug addicts and alcoholics who choose to live everyday sober, others made the decision that I have and just stay clean for Hulaween.

Having attended Bonnaroo 4 times, each time with sober members in my group I am very familiar with the sober support they have set up there.

The guys and gals over at Soberoo help hundreds of recovering addicts/alcoholics stay clean during their stay at Bonnaroo. Soberoo officially started in 2009, but have been there helping people stay clean since 2002. They host 4 meetings a day for all patrons, these meetings are free to attend and are 100% anonymous. Average attendance per meeting is around 50-75 people.

These meetings are a safe place for the attendees to speak freely about their experiences and ask for advice. Some people will talk about their current day or past days at ‘Roo, while others will share their stories. These groups have an amazing energy and the amount of support among the meetings is astounding. They also host 2 meetings a day for the artists and the crew, these are not open to general admission.

Soberoo isn’t just limited to Bonnaroo, they go to over a dozen major festivals throughout the US, helping thousands of people a year stay sober at music festivals. Festivals like Lollapalooza, Outside Lands, Panorama, Electric Daisy Carnival, Lightning in a Bottle and Governors Ball. Their name changes depending on the festival, but it’s usually just the festival name with “sober” added to it. I’m assuming Hulaween’s will be something like Soberween or similar.

If you are in recovery and on the fence about going to Hulaween because you have a fear of losing your sobriety just know there is support there. Feel free to email me directly and we can meet up. I’d be happy to introduce you to some amazing people to make the best of your experience. You can and will have an amazing time at Hulaween in sobriety.

The 5 Bands You Must See at Hulaween

Hulaween is less than 30 days away from celebrating its fifth year as one of the most beloved musical festivals in the United States. Hulaween will be returning to the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, FL from October 27th-29th with an extremely diverse and stacked line up. There are far more than 5 bands that you need to see this year at Hulaween, this is my list of must see sets for Hulaween 2017.

Run The Jewels 

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Run the Jewels live 3 times. My first time was at Bonnaroo in 2015. It was hands down one of the most energetic, passionate and out of control hip hop shows I’ve ever seen. Killer Mike and El-P are a force, they have chemistry that is unparalleled in live music. They create an atmosphere and energy force that the crowd feeds off. Their lyrics, the crowd, the energy and the relentless and heavy beats are all near flawless. This all comes together to create one of the best live shows anywhere in the world. Being part of it at Hulaween is a must see/experience event.


Go see RTJ if:

  • You Like Rowdy Hip Hop
  • You Feed Off The Energy from the Crowd
  • Catchy and Heavy Beats Make You Move Your Feets
  • You Enjoy Robbing People in the Streets

Moon Taxi

I first heard of Moon Taxi when they played at Hangout Fest in 2014. They covered a ton of Rage Against the Machine and absolutely killed it. After their set I decided get a few of their albums. While their studio stuff is very different than RATM, it was still some awesome stuff. Alt rockers at their core, Moon Taxi put on an amazing live show. I had the pleasure of seeing them again at Okeechobee Fest 2017 and they did not disappoint.

Go see Moon Taxi if:

  • Long Haired Front Men Get You Going
  • You Like a Good Alt Rock Band
  • You Want to See a RATM Song Covered Correctly


Space Jesus

I don’t really know how to explain Space Jesus, so bare with me. Space Jesus is a Brooklyn based Messiah who rains down dirty bass from far off electronic lands upon all of his apostles. He is a welcome new sound to the now over flooded EDM scene. His live sets are absolutely insane. He has a religious following of die hard fans that bring an astonishing amount of energy to his already wild sets.

Go See Space Jesus if:

  • You Love Bass
  • You Want Some Different Type of Dub Step
  • Wubba Lubba Dub Dub
  • You’re Ready to Sweat


Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats

Do you like lyrically driven folk rock? A leading man who can control a crowd with hypnotist like abilities? Stomping your feet and dancing along with 1,000’s of other people? Taking shots of whiskey in the middle of  a hot summer day? If you answered yes to any of those questions then you need to see Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats. I saw Nathaniel Rateliff before he was with the Night Sweats in 2013, he opened for Dr. Dog and The Lumineers, his set was heartfelt, packed with energy and extremely memorable.

Rateliff has been doing this for a long time, his recent jump to fame came when he formed his newest band. Their song “S.O.B” felt like an overnight sensation, helping NR&NS tour across the world.

Go See Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats live if:

  • See questions 1-4 in paragraph 1 of this section.

Jacob Banks

“Born in Nigeria, Jacob Banks moved to Birmingham in England at the age of 13. Not short of talent, the Brit dabbled in all forms of the creative arts and began singing, playing guitar, and writing songs at the age of 20. A music lover first and foremost, Banks got his start at open mic nights and quickly garnered a following for his commanding vocal presence and daringly intimate songwriting. His music features richly textured beats, with its 808s and synth play, African inspired grooves and a soulful disposition that culminates in an unstoppable new sound. His stage presence leaves you wanting a bit more, but trust me, he has the voice of an angel.

There are dozens of more acts I want to see at Hulaween; Portugal the Man, RL Grime, Disco Biscuits, String Cheese (obviously, they’re Gods), Future Rock, Kamasi Washington and the Jon Stickley Trio just to name a few. Hulaween’s lineup is diverse and stacked as usual, but this festival is about way more than just the music. I always try to catch as many sets as possible, but sometimes there are things going on beyond the music that can captivate you.

If you haven’t purchased your tickets to Hulaween yet, get on that now, they’re selling out fast. I hope to see you there!

Danielle Bregoli “Cash Me Outside Girl” Is Doing a Music Tour?

Yeah, so the Cash Me Outside Girl, Danielle Bregoli, is currently doing a US tour.  Danielle got famous after an appearance on the show Dr. Phil, that focused on troubled teens.  Youtube and the rest of the internet took her clips and made hundreds of remixes to her now infamous line”catch me outside, how about that” commonly translated to “Cash me outside howabodat”. Memes were made and she became a sensation overnight.

Now, she’s doing a tour ; something fairly unique for someone in her situation. She doesn’t play any instruments, she doesn’t sing and she’s not a DJ. She kinda raps though.

According to TMZ, her show is separated into 3 acts.

Act 1: She will lip-sync and rap to her favorite songs onstage. So it’s kinda like karaoke minus the alcohol fueled confidence.

Act 2: A live Q&A with an audience. She’s 14 years old, not sure what questions people may have for her, so that maybe interesting.

Act 3: Audience members are invited onstage “to joke around.”

It’s amazing who the internet chooses to make famous. Danielle Bregoli, has taken her fame and ran with it. She’s made A LOT OF MONEY

I give her a lot of credit for working with what she’s got, at 14 I smoked a lot of weed, played video games and served cheese steaks at a local racetrack for $6.25 an hour. I’m not mocking her for working with what she’s got, I’m mocking whoever is going to buy a ticket.




Pemberton Music Festival Cancelled

Pemberton Music Festival has officially been cancelled. The annual 4 day festhas been around since 2008 and took place in British Colombia After the lineup was delayed a few months fans began to speculate that the festival would not happen. Then finally, it was released, the hype level was minimal. Some fans felt betrayed, their favorite festival had let them down after building up hype on various social media outlets.

Yesterday the news broke that Pemberton is cancelled; no automatic refunds would be given. AS you can imagine early bird ticket buyers are upset. I’m assuming  HUKA knew that the money wasn’t there to back the fest up, but were doing a last minute money grab to make up for losses.

Huka officially filed for bankruptcy.

The massive surge in American music festivals maybe a huge part in why Pemberton music festival was cancelled. Over the past 10 years we’ve seen a huge spike in the amount and variety of music festivals throughout North America.

Here is the official statement:


The 2017 Pemberton Music Festival scheduled for July 13 – 16, 2017 is cancelled and will not proceed as scheduled. The Trustee will issue formal notice of the bankruptcy proceeding to all known creditors of PMF within 5 days of its appointment.

Unfortunately there are no automatic refunds from PMF. As PMF is now in bankruptcy, it has no ability to provide refunds for tickets purchased. However ticketholders may file a proof of claim form as an unsecured creditor with EYI in accordance with the claims process.

Proof of claim forms will be mailed to known PMF creditors in due course and made available on the Trustee’s website. A determination of recovery, if any, on the claims of ticket holders from the estate will not be known for several weeks. The Trustee will provide an update to creditors in due course.

Refunds may be available to ticketholders from third parties if tickets were purchased using a credit card. As each bank and credit card issuer have their own specific policies, ticketholders are to contact their bank or credit card issuer directly to determine whether a refund can be obtained.

The Trustee will provide further details concerning contact information for the various credit cards and financial institutions on its website.

If you need help getting a refund check this out. 

Chris Cornell, Lead Singer of Soundgarden/Audioslave Passes Away at 52

The world has lost another legend, the sudden passing of Chris Cornell last night in Detroit has left his family and fans shocked and heartbroken.

Cornell’s voice is something of legend, if the Marlboro Man , Robert Plant, Eddie Veder and a box of sex got together and created a musician; it would been Chris Cornell.

Chris was born in 1964 in Seattle, at the young age of 20 he formed the band Soundgarden.  Sub Pop, then a fledgling record label, released the group’s first single, “Hunted Down,” in 1987, as well as two subsequent EPs. The group’s debut album, “Ultramega OK,” came a year later.

Cornell’s legendary status was marked by his insane  multi-octave vocal range. Soundgarden, he could shift between raging metal declarations (“Jesus Christ Pose”), somber mood pieces (“Fell on Black Days”) and psychedelia (“Black Hole Sun”) with ease.

“Black Hole Sun” was released in 1994, this song really helped explode their fan base and fame.



His wife and family were shocked to learn of his sudden and unexpected passing, the cause of death is still unknown, but there have been rumors that it was a suicide.

Cornell’s mark on the music industry will remain for decades to come. His voice and talents are something we should all be thankful to have expedience. Chris Cornell’s death is a tragedy, the world of music will not be the same without him.

Say hello to heaven for us.

Is Avril Lavigne Dead? Probably Not, BUT MAYBE!

Can you believe it’s been 15 years since the ground breaking, lyrical masterpiece “Complicated”  was released? Me too. I can’t lie, I had a huge 12 year old crush on Avril, but her music was never for me. This is all beside the point.  It’s possible that Avril Lavigne is dead (killed herself in 2003) and was replaced by her close friend and look alike.
Supposedly;y all this “Is Avril Lavigne dead” talk started when her music changed a bit from the poppy punk everyone loved, to more just pop.  Supposed when Avril’s grandfather died, she couldn’t handle it and killed herself. Avril being the money making machine she was for the music industry was too big of a loss, so instead of admitting her death they replaced her.
If Avril Lavigne is really dead, then who is Chad Kroger married to? It’s simple science guys.
Here’s a bunch of stuff from Twitter about Avril Lavigne being dead or maybe not being dead. 

Imagine Music Festival Drops First Phase of 2017 Lineup

Following a transformative third year, which saw the region’s largest independent EDM camping festival host fans from across the country, Imagine has released the first phase of its lineup and it’s bigger than ever. Returning to Atlanta Motor Speedway in Atlanta, Georgia on September 22 through 24, 2017, Imagine is continuing its trend of attracting some of the biggest talent from around the globe. The first round of headliners for the highly-anticipated music and camping festival include: Above & BeyondDeadmau5TiëstoPretty Lights Live and Gorgon City.
Featuring over six stages, each with its own distinct musical focus and vibe, there will not be an inch of the festival grounds that will not be bathed in Imagine’s immersive aquatic fairytale

Additional artists on the 2017 performer lineup include: Oceania Stage: Datsik; Deorro; Flux Pavilion; Seven Lions; Zomboy; 12th Planet; Black Tiger Sex Machine; Liquid Stranger; Marc Kitchen; Codeko; Fransis Derelle; Leah Culver; and Ying Yang Twins, with Pyramid Schemes. Amazonia Stage: The Floozies; Jai Wolf; Bleep Bloop; Minnesota; Rob Garza; Spag Heddy; Boogie T; Buku; Esseks; ill.Gates; Ott; Squnto; and Heti. Disco Inferno Stage: Chris Lake; Claptone; Nora En Pure; Shiba San and Will Clarke. Aeria Stage: Noisia; Netsky; Planet of the Drums, featuring AK1200, Dara, Dieselboy and Messinian; Black Sun Empire; Andy Bruh; Bryson Taylor; Daily Bread; Eddie Gold; High Caliber; Ployd; Ra & Adara; Sunday Service and music blocks by: Torch DNB and Wiggle Factor. A second round of artists and additional stages will be announced in the coming weeks.


“The festival is a living and breathing representation of our guests wishes and imagination,” says Iris Presents founders Glenn and Madeleine Goodhand. “Each year we are challenged to not only top the lineup from the year before, but exceed expectations- this lineup is just the beginning of the magic that awaits.”
Earlier this year, Imagine announced it would be returning to Atlanta Motor Speedway this September 22-24, 2017 for the fourth edition of the

immersive aquatic fairytale. The return to the venue means fans can expect plenty of upgrades, based in large part to feedback from its 2016 attendees. Expanded water stations, camping upgrades, improved VIP area, shade and charging stations, food options, dancers, art, workshops, the return of the Imagine pool and of course an even bigger and better lineup.

As one of the country’s last remaining independent festivals, Imagine creates an all-encompassing, 360-degree sensory experience that blends music, circus troupes, performers, dancers, art, workshops, classes and more.

Tickets are available now starting at $125 for a 3-day pass. VIP passes, with front row pit access, an elevated viewing area, VIP (no line) access, air conditioned chill lounge, bottle service, cocktail service, complimentary champagne toasts, private security, clean trailer bathrooms with running water and air conditioning, giveaways, meet and greets, and more are available starting at $299 for a 3-day pass. Camping passes are now available to purchase as an add-on to the festival tickets with prices starting at $99. Four camping packages available including GA Camping, VIP Camping, Easy Life Pre-Set Souvenir Tents, The Glamp Life Premium Tents, Geo-Dome Luxe Tents, GA RV Camping and VIP RV Camping.  Tickets are available online at Imagine Music Festival is an 18 and over event.

Imagine Music Festival is produced by Iris Presents. Visit for the most up-to-date information. Stay connected on Twitter at and on Facebook at


Bonnaroo Announces a New Stage!

Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival is excited to announce The Other, an all-new experience devoted to dance and hip-hop premiering at this year’s installment. The 2017 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival will take place June 8 – 11, held as always at Great Stage Park, the spectacular 750+-acre farm and event space located just 60 miles south of Nashville in beautiful Manchester, Tennessee. Tickets – including General Admission, VIP, and the brand-new Platinum Pass – are on sale now, exclusively via
Now even more Bonnaroovians will be able to dance the night away as the festival’s legendary “Other Tent” has now been expanded to a fully immersive, open-air stage. The Other will run all night with a mind-blowingly diverse selection of dance, electronic, and hip-hop heavyweights, with announced performers including Marshmello, Big Gigantic, Yellow Claw, D.R.A.M., Matoma, Louis the Child, Borgore, NGHTMRE, Getter, Snails, Skepta, Illenium, Claude VonStroke, G Jones, OOKAY, Herobust, Ganja White Night, Rezz, Goldfish, San Holo, Haywyre, Vanic, Unlike Pluto, Barclay Crenshaw, Innanet James, Jason Huber, DJ Mel and Case Bloom.
Bonnaroo has long celebrated the wide-ranging dance and hip-hop scenes with cutting edge programming that showcases some of the hottest DJs and artists from around the globe. Previous festival favorites include such superstars as Skrillex, Deadmau5, ODESZA, Flying Lotus, Tycho, Caribou, Jamie xx, and Bassnectar, among countless others.
                                “THE OTHER – A NEW BONNAROO EXPERIENCE”
@ 2017 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival
Big Gigantic
Yellow Claw
Louis the Child
Claude VonStroke
G Jones
Ganja White Night
San Holo
Unlike Pluto
Barclay Crenshaw
Innanet James
Jason Huber
DJ Mel
Case Bloom
The 2017 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival will once again feature the wide-ranging scope of diverse artistry that fans have come to expect, with a spectacular array of musicians, bands, and comedians performing around the clock across 13 unique stages over the four-day multi-stage camping festival. This year’s edition will showcase over 100 artists, headlined by Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Weeknd, and, in an exclusive first-ever Bonnaroo headline performance, U2 performing a set that will include a 30th anniversary celebration of their career-defining 1987 album, The Joshua Tree. For complete details and regular news updates, please visit
For more, please see
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